A house is built with boards and beams...

A house is built with boards and beams…

New Age Landlords

 Due to some unforeseen circumstances with my home I have had to move out during a “construction” problem. It looks like it’s going to be a lengthy hiatus. In the interim I thought to myself I’d rent a place short term instead of staying at a hotel. The quest for accommodation has left me puzzled.

I read the ads for real estate rentals and they sound like a dream. Instead when you show up for viewing the owners begin to tell you what you have to do and how not to interfere in their lives. One couple told me I could have as many pets as I wanted , they had just put a cement floor in and they could puke away. They also did not want me on the premises ideally between 9 p.m and 6 p.m. and could I coordinate my daily schedule as such?

Another prospective landlord raved on about the beautiful view and invited me to come have a look. I hadn’t even turned off my vehicle and she was already complaining about the size of my Explorer truck. She pointed to the left told me to take the stairs and she would meet me at the door. There were approximately 35 stairs on a rickety wrought iron staircase that led me to the door. She let me in and proceeded to  go on about the view. On the patio she had a wooden bench with the slats missing and I would fear to step out on this precariously hanging balcony, never mind getting wood  splinters on my behind… and what view?

The newer condo layouts out there all seem to be the same, small bedrooms and a lot of noise from over  head. Parking is difficult and you have to bargain for storage and a parking stall.

I have seen many rentals and talked to a lot of property owners these past 10 days.. the impression to me seems to be these are younger property owners who are desperately trying to make their mortgage payments, grab your money, keep you hidden and keep their  “home owner property dream alive”.  I tend to agree with this article…

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“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?”… Henry David Thoreau

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2 Responses to NEW AGE LANDLORDS

  1. chanel99 says:

    omg welcome to the world of renting!

  2. Toni Linde says:

    Very interesting article and I think you r absolutley correct regarding young home owners. Give me a call and let’s talk.

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